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Sabato 31 - Gennaio - 2015

We are a multidisciplinary institution founded in 1995.
Our activity is certificated by BVQI according to the new international standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and we are accredited by Lazio Region for complementary Higher Education.
We can offer our vast experience in both in consulting and training in such services as:


Each service aims at skill and competence development in order to increase competitively of both Individuals and Institutions.

Consulenza di direzione
Management consultancy

Uninform Network of professionals have been selected following a criteria of high quality and professional competence; a Team whose first objective is a consulting activity for both strategy and organisation aiming at the success of Italian companies whose wish is to become international.
Servizi Legali
Legal services
Specialised legal professionals, accredited by the official professional organizations are always ready to intervene.
We can support companies in the fields of: Contracts, Takeovers, Corporate Engineering, Constitution, Corporate and Trust Management, Legal support in controversies and International Arbitration.

Alta Formazione
Professional Training

As a Business and Management School we undertake the valorisation of human resources in order to develop a new culture of management and company values.
Each formative process enable our students to adapt to cultural change and company values.
Private individuals and institutions are offered specific paths aimed at facilitating the entry of the participants into complex organizations.
Furthermore Uninform will help companies to increase the value of their Executive Committee.

Innovation and technology tranfert

Our proposal is to “drive” companies towards change in order to improve their technology innovation and productive dynamics.
Specific information about the “art” of technology is provided.

Formazione Universitaria
University Guidance

We gave value to professional experience of Professors from Universities, Research Institutes and Postgraduate Institutions in order to offer A Global Guidance and Tutoring Service of University Preparation.
Professors are selected for their personal and teaching background, acquired on field experience and last but not least, their ability to interpretate and satisfy tutoring and learning needs of the students.

To whom it may concern
PRIVATE AND PUBLIC COMPANIES AND INSTITUTIONS whose need is to take under consideration and evaluate all the features and implications of a program and to fix the real “objectives” in order to overcome the vulnerabilities peculiar of specialised intervention. All those who wish to introduce and/or consolidate advanced cultures and technologies in order to be able to manage their own practical qualities.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS: secondary school graduates, recent university graduates, consultants, Executive Committee.

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