The Uninform Group is a multidisciplinary institution founded in 1995.

Our activity is certificated by BVQI according to the new international standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and we are also accredited by Lazio Region for complementary Higher Education.

We can offer our vast and consolidated experience in both consulting and training in such services as:


Each service provided by Uninform Group aims  to proper develop skills and competences in order to increase competitively both Individuals and Institutions.

Management consultancyManagement consultancy

Uninform Group counts on a Network of professionals who have been accurately selected taking into account criteria such as high quality standards and professional competence; the Team assessed by Uninform Group provides professionals fully committed to deliver strategic and organizational consultancy  as well as to drive to outstanding successes those companies moved by international visions.

Legal servicesLegal services

As far as it concerns legal services demand, Uninform Groups can count on a well structured Team of specialised professionals regularly accredited by the National Lawyers Register and we make sure to provide companies with the right advice concerning Contracts, Corporate Acquisitions and Engineering, Corporate Consitutions and Management, International Arbitration and so on.

UninformHigher Education

As a Business and Management School, Uninform Group is strongly committed to valorize the human capital as a mean of development of a modern managerial culture through its Master and Executive Master offering. As a matter of fact, each training process has been accurately designed to enable our participants to immediately adapt to the constant cultural change as well as to the company values. In fact, is not a case that companies, individuals and institutions are offered specific paths aimed at facilitating the entry of the participants into complex organizations. Furthermore, Uninform Group will make sure to provide companies with the right advice  to maximize the value of their Executive Committee.,

Innovation and Technology TranfertInnovation and Technology Tranfert
Uninfrom Group’s objecive consists in driving companies through the change and improve their technology innovation as well as their productive dynamics. Specific information about the “art” of technology is provided.

University GuidanceUniversity Guidance
Uninform Group provides concrete added value in terms of Higher Education thanks to the wide panel of academic professors coming directly from prestigious Universities, Research Institutes and Postgraduate Institutions. In this way, Uninform Group is able  to offer a Global Guidance and an excellent Tutoring Service, as well as University Preparation Programmes. The network of Professors are scrupulously selected by Uninform Group for their personal integrity and outstanding teaching background and their ability to wisely interpretate and satisfy tutoring and learning needs of the students.

Who we address to
PRIVATE AND PUBLIC COMPANIES AND INSTITUTIONS whose need is to address and evaluate all the aspects and implications of a project and define the real “objectives” in order to overcome the peculiar vulnerabilities of specialised interventions, as well as introduce and consolidate the culture of the advanced tecnologies as a mean of managing their own business operations.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS: secondary school graduates, recent university graduates, consultants, executives.,